Monday, January 21, 2008

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005


We made our reservations today for the Bahamas. I really need this vacation! Haven't gone on vacation since last February, when we went to England.The price for the flight is inexpensive, and we get our hotel for free!! Well, not free actually. We're splitting the cost of maid service with our friends. We can fit nine people in the villa we'll be staying at.The organizer of the trip is a Starwood Vacation member. I'm not sure yet how it works. Something to the effect of paying a one-time fee (have to verify that) of $25,000, and you get to choose between a list of resorts. These are resorts run by Sheraton and Westin. Most are stateside, but the list includes Maui, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. I guess it's worth it if you like to travel to these places all the time.


I had the opportunity to play dealer at one of the poker tables on Sunday, after Superbowl. Still don't know which hands are good, although I'm catching on. My fiance tends to watch the Poker tournaments on ESPN. I'm starting to recognize people.My fiance's friends have their own website for Texas Hold'em. The website has a good layout. Some members of the site are meeting in Vegas at the end of February. Good luck playing in the poker salons during the weekend. Me, I think I'll stick to blackjack.